Ricoh's 360° Streaming Service Teams Up With oVice Virtual Space

Bridge the Communication Gap in a Hybrid Office

Ricoh 360° Camera

Ricoh, Inc. (President and Executive Officer: Yoshinori Yamashita) and oVice, Inc. (Representative Director: Sae Hyung Jung) presents a 360° camera view in real-time to the virtual space "oVice" that can be utilized as an ideal tool for teleworking. oVice will implement the functions that can be featured as a beta version from the beginning of September, by building a hybrid environment of mixed reality and virtual world, achieving smooth communication between employees, managers, and clients. In the future, both companies will proceed with application search and value verification, aiming to carry it out as a new solution in the virtual space.

In this initiative, the virtual space "oVice" provided by oVice, Inc. and Ricoh's "RICOH Live Streaming API", which provides a real-time distribution function for video and audio, are linked to integrate the virtual space and the real space. The goal is to construct a form of a hybrid environment that combines the merits for more immersive interaction. By installing Ricoh's 360° camera "RICOH THETA" in real spaces such as offices and stores and realizing high-quality, realistic live streaming, the actual on-site situation can be viewed in real-time from the virtual office of oVice.

Check the video to see how it works.

Currently, from the perspective of preventing the spread of the virus infection with the new Covid-19 variants and reforming work styles, various working methods that correspond to the new normal are being sought. This collaboration between the two companies facilitates information sharing and communication between people in remote locations and is a new business that integrates not only offices but also real/virtual stores, showrooms, event venues, classrooms, public facilities, etc.

For example, while working at the virtual office, people can still get to communicate with the members who are actually in the physical office on the spot, and they can share more accurate information instantly. In addition, when someone visits a virtual store or showroom, they can check all labels of the actual item (house under construction, car to be purchased, etc.) in a remote place in real-time. This function in particular is provided as a beta version to oVice users and promotes application search and business feasibility verification.

Overview of "RICOH Live Streaming API"

Company Overview

oVice is a virtual space that allows people to move, talk, and collaborate freely in a 2D customizable world. With the mission of moving beyond remote and building a virtual real-estate world, oVice will keep developing lifelike features that offer users a close-to-reality online experience. In 2020, oVice was exhibited in TechCrunch Startup Battle Online and LAUNCH PAD SaaS. More than 5,000 virtual spaces have been created in half a year since its release.

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