Ricochet360 Launches Spam Guru™ to Improve Connection Rates and Reduce Spam Likely Calls

Paired with Ricochet360's industry-leading auto dialer, the new Spam Guru helps solve the problem of low connection rates due to calls being flagged as spam likely.

Modern phone carriers are implementing STIR/SHAKEN protocols that flag call center phones as spam risks, disrupting outreach initiatives. With caller ID being overtaken by "Spam Likely" and connection rates plummeting, this new one-of-a-kind feature reduces the risk of being incorrectly flagged as spam and improves connection rates often to the best they've ever been. Today, Spam Guru helps call centers register their phone traffic and optimize your calling queues to allow agents to reach more leads and convert them to customers, and soon Spam Guru will also provide insight into which numbers are being flagged and the best course of action on how to fix them.

Ricochet360 clients currently using Spam Guru are reporting significant increases in outbound contact rates. "We saw a 50% increase in connectivity rates after using Spam Guru. It was a game-changer!" says Jack Hoedeman, CEO of Compass Insurance Agency. 

The launch of Spam Guru allows Ricochet360's clients to manage their calling limit per number/per day, and purchase new numbers as necessary. Soon, each number will be repeatedly verified in order to determine whether or not it has been flagged as spam. Any flagged number gets automatically disabled until the moment it gets unflagged, at which point the system will automatically reactivate the number for use. 

"Our clients and partners are already seeing a powerful increase in their contact rates, as much as 3x more," says Beau Bratton, CEO & Founder of Ricochet360. "We're excited to see how this will differentiate Ricochet360 from other sales and marketing automation platforms by having the top-of-the-line connection rates for our users."

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