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Rick Chaffin is in the news again after seeing his aunt Patricia Mince get diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Rick began his quest to become more knowledgeable and aware of what brings about this condition, as well as how to combat it. Thus began Rick’s journey into the world of nutrition. Rick devoted years to studying scholarly articles about human anatomy and biology, as well as undertaking university classes on the subjects. During this period, he realized he had a unique opportunity to ensure more women like his aunt’s age do not have to face the hardships she did. Rick created a unique weight loss program for peoples who have to plan their days around their kids and family, thereby leaving them with little time to hit the gym. And it has apparently taken people by storm.

He says, “The reason my Weight Loss Program has been received so well is that unlike other weight loss regimens, mine doesn’t ask these people to grind it out at the gym. It’s more doable for an average person, who might not have a bursting motivation to hit the gym at every given opportunity.” Rick advocates holistic training of the mind and body through a two-pronged method: focusing on nutrition as well as body weight exercises that can be done anywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, or even in the parking lot. Rick places a strong emphasis on not “polluting and weakening the body” with junk and processed food. The way he explains how different types of food are received differently by the body is exemplary and ensures that people stay away from sugar (the slow killer), and simple carbohydrates. “He recommends healthy fats, lots of protein, and a moderate amount complex carbohydrates. It has completely changed my body shape and my self-confidence. I’ve even caught my husband doing the double glance at me when I get dressed in the morning,” said Mrs. Tara Johnson, one of Rick’s family friends and an ardent fan of his Weight Loss Program. Nutritionists essentially categorize Rick’s recommended diet as a paleo/keto hybrid.

"The reason my Weight Loss Program has been received so well is that unlike other weight loss regimens, mine doesn't ask these people to grind it out at the gym. It's more doable for an average person, who might not have a bursting motivation to hit the gym at every given opportunity."

Rick Chaffin

Rick ensures his clients get a plethora of different recipes since following such junk restrictive diets usually comes as a hard lifestyle change for these people, who have become used to snacking on junk food over the years. For the people with a sweet tooth, he shows ways to get around eating sugary desserts, replacing them with low-calorie substitutes, which are equally tasty and filling. For instance, Mrs. Roberts, a mom of 3 and client of Rick’s claims, “He lists a recipe for chocolate fluff which is just 50 calories, 250 calories lesser than the conventional recipe that calls for sugar, amongst other high-calorie unhealthy ingredients. Not only am I ensuring a healthy body for myself, but I also have more knowledge on what to and what not to feed my kids for their healthiest growth!”

All in all, Rick has a great collection of ideas in one single place. Subtle dietary changes, that in the long run really help keep the body fit and avoid the onset of obesity and diabetes — which is most prevalent among older men and middle-aged women. For instance, using almond flour instead of flour; mixing whey protein with pancake mix and eliminating syrup to make a wholesome, healthier and more filling breakfast. Rick’s knowledge of Eastern spices, herbs and condiments are as incredible as it is astonishing for a Westerner. He demonstrates how spices like turmeric, garlic, cinnamon and ginger all have a number of health benefits, while at the same time adding a unique taste to the dishes.  

Experts and clients alike have attested to how having a holistic approach to his Weight Loss Program by adding a set of instructional DVDs on yoga and meditation was a really shrewd move by Rick. After all, there is no use in losing the weight, if one doesn’t know how to keep it off and maintain a general level of fitness. Not falling victim to their desires is tough when these people are watching their calories while leading such active and busy lives, but yoga and meditation help make them more aware of their every thought and action. Mrs. Tandon, another user of Rick’s Weight Loss Program says, “Meditation helps me combat the desires and realize that it’s just that, desires. Wants, and not needs. I am better at dealing with the craving now. It’s helped me stay fit and healthy. Active mind and active body go hand in hand.”

Mrs. Patricia Mince, Rick’s aunt who essentially is the reason for the genesis of Rick’s beautiful journey to help women abstain from gaining weight and developing health complications, had this to say about him: “Rick is a god sent to our family. He is the most considerate person I have ever known, and it is just so poetic that he is getting all the adulation, praise, and recognition he’s getting. I’ve had so many beautiful women come up to me to tell me how my nephew has changed their lives. I’m about to be a grandmother soon, as my only hope is that the kid is a reflection of his uncle!”

It truly does feel good to see people like Rick Chaffin, who have such high empathy and devote their lives to helping others. May he inspire many more to follow his footsteps toward a selfless life of giving for the betterment of others.

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