Rick Allen and Lars Tetens Join Forces to Kickoff a New Line of Luxury Handbags

For those with the wherewithal, BonSac will be the new pinnacle of luxury handbags

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Rick Allen, “Thunder God” of Def Leppard fame considered to be one of the greatest drummers of all time, in partnership with Lars Tetens, legendary designer and  creator of luxury couture fashions announce the release of their first unisex designer luxury handbag.

Lars Tetens guiding life’s mission is the enlivening of the senses.  A painter, musician and entrepreneur of luxury fashion, Tetens often is quoted as saying “The simplest of things cannot be done by words. They must be experienced”.

In my world of rock and roll, with so many artists choosing compassion over conventional fashion, style with conscience is the future.

Rick Allen

Drummer of Def Leppard

Most recently, Allen’s passion is making art out of his musical and life experiences. His art exhibitions draw hundreds if not thousands of art fans in every city he visits.

With Rick Allen's commitment to the vegan lifestyle, the bags are completely animal-free using a combination of materials such as Kevlar, soft industrial upholstery fabric and waxed cotton. This synergy creates a truly wearable piece of art.

The Tetens & Allens BonSac brand of bags will be available through Amazon starting Spring of 2018. The full collection will follow in late 2018.

Source: BonSac


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