Richard Spegal's New Book "Eternal Nights, Book 1: Redemption" Is a Brilliant Beacon of Vampiric Delight in a Sea of Sparkling Imposters and Would Be Night Dwellers

Newest publication "Eternal Nights, Book 1: Redemption" from Fulton Books author Richard Spegal is a thrilling and memorable vampire story centering on a loving couple violently turned into creatures of the night on the eve of their wedding.

Richard Spegal, a PA National Guard Officer and Fed-Ex driver, has completed his most recent book “Eternal Nights, Book 1: Redemption”:  a gripping and engrossing tale of true vampiric lore and power focused on a couple over 900 years old.

Richard has found great passion in writing.  He says, “Writing quickly turned from hobby to serious pursuit when I noticed, to my great displeasure, the lack of “true” vampiric-style novels coming onto the market.  My current goal is to turn my passion for writing from a part-time hobby to a full time career.”

Published by Fulton Books, Richard Spegal’s book details the lives of John and Danielle Wolf, an old married couple who love spending all their time together. They enjoy movies, dining out, and take true delight in all the new games, such as, Mesmerize the Mortal, Race the Train, and Hunt the Werewolf. Their powerful bond is unique in that, this old married couple tied the knot nearly 900 years ago and are vampires.

Violently turned into creatures of the night on the eve of their wedding, the couple’s love has kept their humanity alive and has allowed them to fight off the insatiable desire to kill for blood. They have survived the centuries due to their incredible ability to adapt and change. But now they are about to face their strongest opponent in nearly a millennia, a group known as the Sword of God, created by the Pope in the seventh century to defeat the physical manifestations of evil. When the group discovers that Danielle and John are incredibly powerful elder vampires, they will stop at nothing to destroy the couple.

As an endless stream of heavily armed religious fanatics attempt to kill them, John and Danielle wonder if they will finally be able to find Redemption.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase “Eternal Nights, Book 1: Redemption” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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