Rhythm Events, Inc. Sets Ambitious Leadership Goals for 2016

The Rhythm Events, Inc. team is setting goals for 2016, many of which are focused on leadership. According to Stephanie, the company's Director of Operations, creating better leaders is always a high priority at the firm.

​In many organizations, leadership is treated as a top-down system. However, the Rhythm Events, Inc. team has initiated a strategy aimed at developing leadership potential throughout the organization. Stephanie stated that she considers it important to starting teaching associates how to take charge from the first days they enter the office.

“Leadership can be expressed in many different ways,” she said. “It is a part of traditional management roles, thought leadership, and supporting peers. I think it is a huge mistake to neglect the importance of developing associates to the firm’s strategic growth.”

"Leadership can be expressed in many different ways,"

Stephanie, Director of Operations

Stephanie indicated that one of the most important techniques for fostering leadership is to provide team members with opportunities to take command. She stated that these should start small but get more significant over time. This constant push of added responsibility is a major motivator, she explained.

“Vision is another useful tool for leadership development,” Stephanie continued. “Everyone needs a unifying purpose to follow. Creating a clear and compelling vision for the company has allowed us to put many of our associates in leadership situations where they know the gist of what they should be doing already. It is all about consistency.”

Rhythm Events, Inc.’s Director Shared Tips on Achieving Goals

Goals are essential to success at Rhythm Events, Inc., according to Stephanie. She asserted that no one has accomplished anything of significance without clearly defining the end goal first. This connects with her belief in the power of vision because the company’s overall objectives help to guide shorter-term ambitions.

“Focus is essential to reaching your goals,” she continued. “I encourage my team members to decline work that they don’t reasonably believe they can accomplish. I never want my associates to sacrifice the quality of their work to squeeze in a few more tasks. We strive to stay focused on the most important activities.”

Stephanie added that using productivity tools and other workflow optimizations are great investments. She believes that most professionals waste a significant amount of time on low-leverage tasks and poorly designed procedures.

“I have encouraged all of my Rhythm Events, Inc. team members to track their time,” she added. “That insight can be extremely beneficial for becoming more productive. It is surprising how much time there is in the day to focus on core goals when less important tasks are put on the back burner.”

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