Rhode Island DUI Attorney Helps Clients When They Sober Up

DUI Arrests Are On the Rise in a Lot of Communities

Not everyone feels the same about DUI arrests. The Rhode Island DUI Attorney is going to be able to help his clients out of a bad mistake. They may have jail time to serve and fees to pay, but they are alive. Other people who have got drunk and drove could not be lucky enough to get arrested before they got into a serious accident.

It is important for them to realize that by driving under the influence, they are risking people's lives, not just their own. John R. Grasso has been taking it into his own hands to help his clients out during their difficult times. He knows that these crimes are not committed intentionally, but he also knows that his client should think before they even start drinking.

While he will represent them in court, once someone has been arrested for a crime, it is difficult to get the charges dropped. Breathalyzer tests and sobriety tests are going to be given to the people before they are arrested. This is going to show proof that they should not have driven their vehicle.

The Law Offices of John R. Grasso are going to work with their clients to get the least possible sentence. Most of this is going to be up to the judge though. John R. Grasso has had many of these cases thrown out, but he has also had many of his clients get sentences that were a lot less than what they would have gotten without his representation.

Having an attorney that knows how to handle a case is very important. There are several different things that are going to be looked at. The evidence is one thing that is very important.

A Rhode Island DUI attorney will have different things that he can look at and tell the judge that it cannot be used against their client. If they can take away enough of this evidence, there will not be enough to charge them on. John R. Grasso has a staff that knows what to file and when to file it for him.

Drunk driving can cause people to lose their driver's license as well as could cause them to lose their job. Plea deals are often offered for these cases too. Not everyone will be advised to take such an offer though. If someone is not guilty, they may want to decline the plea deal and choose to leave their response as not guilty.

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