Revolver Gallery's Annual Andy Warhol Market Report Debuts as the #1 Bestselling Art Reference Book on Amazon

New Warhol Print Market Index Reveals That Warhol Prints Outperform the Dow Jones

2019 Andy Warhol Market Report (Print and Multiples)

Revolver Gallery has released its premier Andy Warhol Prints and Multiples market report. The report synthesizes publicly available art market data with Revolver Gallery’s internal transactional data and industry expertise, as the largest buyer and seller of Warhol prints in the world. The result provides a nuanced, analytical understanding of the Andy Warhol print market, with a focus on both its drivers and its performance—past, present, and future.

Included in the report is the Warhol Print Market Index, which compares the performance of Warhols to that of the overall market for the past two decades. “The Warhol Print Market Index shows steady long-term growth, outperforming other major financial indices,” says Ron Rivlin, the owner of Revolver Gallery. “As Warhol’s popularity grows among younger collectors, the market shows signs of strengthening and accelerated growth not seen since 2007.” Mr. Rivlin cites the critically acclaimed retrospective exhibition at The Whitney, the Andy Warhol Foundation’s effort to keep Warhol’s name relevant, and overall market confidence as the key factors behind the continued growth in the Warhol print market. 

The findings in the report provide original insights and help guide crucial decisions in the buying and selling of Warhol’s work. Novice and experienced investors and collectors will find all the information they need to proficiently navigate the Warhol print market in the coming year. Other highlights in the 2019 Andy Warhol Market Report include:

  • How the Warhol print market achieved a 30% return in 2018. 
  • A precise estimate of the number of Warhol prints produced—and why the number in existence is declining.
  • The six variables that determine the pricing for a Warhol print in the current market. 
  • A comprehensive overview of the demand drivers behind the Warhol print market. 
  • The top 40 outperforming Warhol prints of 2018.
  • Why investors are turning to Warhols as an alternative investment vehicle.

For more information on the report, email The report, which debuted and remains the #1 bestseller in Art Reference on Amazon, may be downloaded at

About REVOLVER GalleryRevolver Gallery is a Los Angeles–based art gallery exclusively dealing in Andy Warhol prints and paintings. With over 250 original prints and paintings by pop art icon Andy Warhol in its current collection, Revolver Gallery is the largest buyer and seller of Warhol prints in the world. Revolver Gallery contextualizes the artist’s body of work and historical significance by hosting academic lectures, forming strategic partnerships with leading institutions and curating high-profile international Warhol exhibitions.

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