Revolutionized Badminton Robot Launch Crowns Black Knight's 40th Anniversary

Knight Trainer Pro -  Black Knight

Black Knight announces the launch of the “Knight Trainer Pro” the revolutionary training machine for Badminton players of all levels. The Knight Trainer Pro is a programmable, robotic badminton training machine designed to launch shuttles rapidly or slowly, at speeds from low to high, all with precision while automatically changing the trajectory.

The state-of-the-art Badminton training robot provides proven training drills to aid Badminton players to perfect their shot making, court movements, reflexes, overall skills, and consistency.  

After 5 years of development we are thrilled and honestly astonished by the capabilities of the Knight Trainer Pro. It blows past expectations, and will open up a new world of opportunities for badminton players everywhere!

Allan Sklar

Black Knight Canada

Advances in engineering and robotic technology have revolutionized the original Knight Trainer, released in 2008. The complete redesign of the original badminton trainer is now highly programmable, more accurate, 50% more powerful, and far more versatile than the original.

Developed in Canada and the US, the new Knight Trainer Pro can provide drills used by professional Badminton players. The control tablet and software create drills for all levels of play - from gentle drills for beginners to grueling intensive sessions for the most advanced players.

The Knight Trainer Pro allows players to quickly advance all aspects of badminton and reach the best of their abilities in much less time.  Video demonstrations of the Knight Trainer Pro in action can be found at

Players and coaches who tested and trained with the Knight Trainer Pro during the development phase declared that the Knight Trainer Pro had immediately helped improve shots and court movements.

From the pros to regular players and coaches, all confirm the advantages and effectiveness of the Knight Trainer Pro. Robbyn Hermitage, Badminton Pro simply declared “A coach/player win-win for sure!”

The Knight Trainer Pro features a control tablet that quickly customizes, creates and saves training drills. You can choose speed, direction, tilt, and timing for each shot and this incredible Badminton Training Device will automatically make the changes to feed your drill. Each player can have customized settings. Virtually every Badminton shot can be recreated, including smashes, drives, clears, drops, net shots, and short or long serves. 

The machine transports easily and sets up in under 5 min, and works with both feather and nylon shuttles.

With its ease of transport, storage, setup, and control, the Knight Trainer Pro is also ideal for schools, Badminton associations, clubs and Athletic centers.

In 2008, when Black Knight unveiled the original Knight Trainer, the world’s first badminton training machine, it introduced a new paradigm to Badminton Training and was viewed as a game-changing training machine.

Today Allan Sklar of Black Knight Canada shares his excitement for the redesigned Knight Trainer Pro “After 5 years of development we are thrilled and honestly astonished by the capabilities of the Knight Trainer Pro. It blows past expectations, and will open up a new world of opportunities for badminton players everywhere!  Black Knight has tested the trainer with players of all levels from beginner to expert, and ages from 8 to 80. The benefits are immediate and the results are fantastic.”

Black Knight was founded 40 years ago by a group of devoted Canadian badminton and squash players with dreams of making a difference. The company has succeeded in continually improving its design of racquets and equipment that are appreciated by sports professionals worldwide.

Black Knight continues its strong commitment to supporting athletes and organizations throughout the badminton and squash communities. Some of the partnerships and associated sponsorships include, Para Badminton, provincial and national badminton and squash associations and tournaments, as well as numerous athletes around the world.

The Knight Trainer Pro will begin shipping this Autumn, 2017, in time for the upcoming Badminton season, with shipping to over 60 countries.

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