Revolutionize Remote Meetings With COOLPO's Newest 4K HD Conference Webcam

4K Webcam

COOLPO today announces the release of its 4K Video Conference Camera with gesture-activated focus, AI-powered auto-framing, 6 microphone array that reduces background noise and targets the speaker plus many more features, which make video calling more interactive and productive. 

In today's world, remote work is becoming more and more common due to COVID-19, and the reliance on video conferencing continues to grow. So too does the demand for user-friendly conferencing products. Video conferencing participants currently will pay greater attention to the quality of the video conference, and COOLPO sees this opportunity and strives to create smart video conferencing products that better meet today's needs. 

COOLPO is committed to delivering smart, innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of modern video conferencing users. Therefore, COOLPO newest 4K Webcam was released. With its newest 4K HD conference webcam, COOLPO is changing the way teams collaborate and communicate by harnessing cutting-edge technology to modernize and transform conference room communications. Teams can stay connected and productive, no matter where they are.

With its ultra-high definition lens and advanced audio technology, the COOLPO 4K HD conference camera is the complete solution for remote teams. Some of the key benefits of the COOLPO 4K HD conference camera include:

4K HD Camera: The COOLPO video conference camera captures meetings in stunning 4k resolution and delivers a crisp, clear picture with its ultra-wide 110° field of view. This allows everyone in the meeting to be seen in detail, even if they are sitting on the edges of the frame.
Gesture-Activated Focus: Its advanced AI technology automatically frames attendees, ensuring that the focus stays on whoever is speaking. This means that the camera will zoom in on the person speaking and follow them as they move around the room, ensuring that they are always in focus.
26 Feet Pickup Range: Its 6-microphone array ensures crystal-clear audio with advanced echo cancellation. This means that the microphones will pick up voices from up to 26 feet away, and filter out any background noise, making it easier to hear everyone in the meeting.
Premium Security: Its physical USB connection ensures top-level data security and privacy protection. This means that the camera can't be hacked or invaded by anyone through wireless connections, ensuring that meetings are secure.
Privacy Protection Cover: The camera also comes with a removable privacy cover, allowing users to easily block the camera when not in use. This ensures that user privacy is protected at all times when they are not using the camera.

In a word, the COOLPO 4K HD conference camera is packed with features that make remote meetings easier and more productive than ever before. It's available for purchase on and prices start at $499.99. Find out more details on COOLPO 4K Webcam by visiting

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Source: COOLPO