Revolutionary ELERT Backpack Enhances Night Cycling Safety

The ELERT illuminated sports backpack takes cycling safety into the 21st century by integrating the latest LED lighting technology with a functional and stylish cycling commuter bag.

Developed specifically for cyclists by Australia’s M-Boye Products, the ELERT – denoting Electronic Light Emitting Reflective Technology – combines all the safety benefits of regular reflective piping with a cutting-edge LED and fibre-optic lighting system.

The product of two years of development, the soon-to-be-released ELERT is now available for pre-ordering on leading crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at a special introductory price of just AUD$70.

At the heart of the lighting system are two LED light ‘driver’ units, each with six LED outputs. Powered by two AA rechargeable batteries each, the LEDs illuminate the fibre-optic cables fitted to both the shoulder straps and the rear of the bag, giving cyclists a whole new level of night-time visibility. The fibre-optic cables allow the wearer to be seen from any angle, setting the ELERT apart from other illuminated bags and greatly enhancing the wearer’s safety on Australia’s increasingly congested city streets.

A variety of lighting modes can be selected via the button in the bag’s hood, with typical battery life ensuring an operating time of up to 7 hours. A micro USB ports allows charging from common USB chargers.

The ELERT builds on the success of the first M-Boye Products illuminated cycling backpack released in 2006, and incorporates a range of updates and improvements all based on customer feedback. Boasting a larger 25-litre capacity, the bag maintains its slim line profile to keep its contents closer to the wearer’s spine, minimizing the rider’s workload and maximising comfort. A ventilated and padded suspension harness circumvents heat build-up while the headphone cable conduit doubles as a hydration pack outlet.

The main internal storage space also features a hydration pack sleeve and a laptop sleeve, while two zippered external pockets provide easy access to items like keys, wallets, and phones.

For more information, to view a video clip of the bag in use or to pre-order an ELERT, visit:

About M-Boye Products

M-Boye Products was founded in 2004 by automotive engineer and avid cyclist, Mark Nowson. The company focuses on developing products that better address cyclists’ needs while raising their overall level of safety.