Revolutionary Device for Fallen Person Now Available in the U.S.

Fallen and can't get up? Now there's an easy, safe, lightweight electric option for caregivers.

Raizer Lifting Chair In Motion

​Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare is the first distributor of the Raizer lifting chair in the United States. The Raizer is a simple battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to an almost-standing position within a few minutes. The chair is easily assembled and operated by one assistant and does not require any extra effort besides a supportive hand. It is simple enough that a child can operate it, and lightweight and portable so it’s easy for someone who may not have much strength, such as an elderly spouse, to use.

With the use of the Raizer, the caregiver simply places the pieces under the person's knees and behind their back and clicks the attachments together. A loud click is heard so one knows when the Raizer is secure and ready to lift the fallen person. The person is lifted via a remote or the buttons on the chair itself. The person will raise at a comfortable pace up to a near-standing position.

Kohll’s has received inquiries nationally from elderly facilities, individuals living independently in their homes, and fire departments. There is a demand for a device that can help to get a fallen person up safely and easily, without having to call for additional help from 911 or family members who may be hours away. The Raizer gives people peace of mind knowing they can help a loved one easily and safely. 

Overview of the Raizer:

  • Easy to transport in 2 light bags — weighing 14 pounds each
  • Quick assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Comfortable and safe for the person on the floor
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Seat: Width 18.5 inches / Depth 8.66 inches
  • Battery capacity: approximately 100 transfers before charging
  • Cleaning-friendly
  • Free Shipping to the US
  • Showroom located in Omaha, Nebraska.

For more information, contact: Laurie Dondelinger​, Marketing Director, (402) 612-5769,

Source: Kohll's Pharmacy & Homecare

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