Revolutionary Decentralized Investment Intelligence Platform 'Wealthium' Just Announced!

Make investment intelligence accessible and empower people to grow their wealth


A new revolutionary decentralized investment intelligence platform called “Wealthium” ( was just announced by its team. The Wealthium team aims to build a decentralized platform to exchange investment intelligence on Blockchain through smart contract. On this platform, anyone can publish their portfolio strategies and investors can subscribe to them based on their preferences.

Why the market needs Wealthium?

The Wealthium team sees the inefficiency and unfairness in the traditional asset management industry. Asset managers earn enormous amounts of money but do not provide satisfying returns to investors. A few financial giants have centralized investment intelligence for decades. The team believes it is time for a change.

The Wealthium platform allows people to exchange their portfolio strategies in a low-cost, efficient and transparent way. There are three objectives set by the team:

·          To Disrupt the traditional asset management industry

·          To Decentralize investment intelligence

·          To Democratize the wealth network

With the faith of the wisdom of crowds and sharing of ideas of economy, the Wealthium team believes people can grow their wealth through knowledge exchange.

How does the Wealthium ecosystem work?

Wealthium works by creating a marketplace, WealthStore, on Blockchain for individuals to publish their portfolio strategies. Anyone can subscribe those strategies based on their preferences by paying subscription fees. Subscription fees go directly to a portfolio publisher by smart contract.

Another revolutionary service WealthConnect is introduced to promote an open wealth network. WealthConnect is an application framework uses Smart Contracts and API to connect the WealthStore within the Blockchain and interface external networks. It enables third parties to communicate Wealthium seamlessly from both on-chain and off-chain.

What is Wealthium Token (WTH)?

The Wealthium Token (WTH) is an ERC-20 Ethereum utility token for the Wealthium platform. The WTH token is used as the utility token to pay for services and subscribing to portfolio strategies on Wealthium.

WTH token also provides following functions:

·       There is a service charge when using either Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) on the Wealthium platform. However, the WTH token can be spent without incurring a service charge. 

·       When using WTH, deposit fees are waived for publishing portfolio. 

·       Using WTH will be able to enjoy platform discount promotion provided from Wealthium.

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Make investment intelligence accessible and empower people to grow their wealth.