Revolution Payments Reveals Automated Commercial Card Optimization Service

Reduce the higher interchange fees associated with accepting commercial cards.

Revolution Payments

The fees for credit card processing are a part of doing business, but most businesses are unaware that programs exist that can help reduce commercial card interchange fees.

There are hundreds of interchange fees that vary depending on the type of card, method of processing, size of the transaction, industry, MCC code and other factors. 

Commercial cards clear at one of five different interchange levels before a processor adds their fee.

While interchange is a fixed cost and predetermined by the card brands, many transactions can qualify at lower tiers.

Most businesses collect level 1 data. This includes basic payment information: merchant name, sale amount and date.

Revolution Payments' optimization service automatically detects whether a transaction is eligible to qualify for lower interchange rates; if so, Level II & Level III details are populated and applied to the transaction before settlement.

Every transaction is optimized to the lowest possible interchange rate. This can reduce interchange on commercial cards by up to 1.5%, depending on the type of card and size of the ticket.

Previously, providing Level II and Level III details has been a challenge for businesses.

1. The businesses processed through a credit card terminal, which does not have the capability to include level III detail.

2. They were not reliably collecting Level III details or skipped fields.

3. Working with a processor who does not support Level II and Level III processing.

4. Does not have a cost-plus rate structure

5. Has e-commerce transactions that make it impossible to qualify since customers are not going to enter all the additional requirements.

Revolution Payments optimization service solves all of these problems.

Revolution Payments offers a proprietary payment solution that works like this: For all credit card transactions, whether swiped, processed online, entered manually on a PC, terminal or mobile device, their system automatically updates all transactions to the lowest interchange rate.

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