Revolution Payments Now Offers Epicor Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Streamline payments and reduce the interchange cost of accepting commercial cards by up to 1.5%

Revolution Payments

Revolution Payments announces a Level III credit card processing solution that operates effectively within Epicor.  Integrating credit card processing activities into an accounting system saves time, improves work-flow, streamlines payments, improves visibility and reduces double entry.

This integrated solution streamlines and simplifies payment processing while reducing interchange fees. Merchants utilizing this service receive their commercial card optimization service that optimizes every transaction to the lowest possible interchange rate.

The Level III Payment Solution

Level III Processing with Epicor can reduce the “interchange” cost of accepting commercial cards, i.e., commercial, purchase, fleet, government and business cards, by 30%-40%.

The Revolution Payments Epicor solution automatically detects whether a level II/III eligible transaction is accepted. And when it is, it automatically updates and attaches level III detail, lowering business "interchange" costs before the transaction ever reaches a processor.

Supported versions

  • Avante
  • Epicor ERP 10
  • Epicor 9
  • DataFlo
  • ManFact
  • Vantage
  • Manage 2000

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution Payments should contact Sean Jones at

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