Revolution Payments is Changing the Game for B2B and B2G Credit Card and ACH Processing

B2B payment processing solution recaptures interchange revenue lost to card-issuing banks

Revolution Payments is changing how businesses think about credit card and ACH processing. Credit card processing fees are part of doing business, but the Revolution Payments system automatically detects if a transaction qualifies for a lower interchange rate, reducing the fees associated with accepting credit cards for Business-2-Business and Business-2-Government transactions.

"The Revolution Payments system is a dream come true for software and ERP companies with an incredibly easy API integration," said Sean Jones, President of Revolution Payments.

All commercial cards have tiered interchange rates capturing data from Levels 1, 2 and 3. Interchange fees go directly back to the card-issuing bank. But capturing Level 2 and 3 processing details reduces interchange costs by 40% or more, allowing businesses to recapture revenue before the processor adds a markup.

Revolution Payments offers a proprietary payment solution that is game-changing for Level 3 processing. By using Level 3 processing, businesses can receive discounted rates of as much as 1% to 1.5% percent off of processing fees. Revolution Payments' B2B payment gateway automatically captures Level 2 and 3 details without manual entry.

Other features of Revolution Payments B2B include Salesforce and Netsuite integrations, 3D secure support, Level 2 and 3 payment optimization, recurring and scheduled payments, an electronic invoicing suite, cutting-edge fraud protection and a secure customer vault.

"Our philosophy is quite different from most processors in that we fully recognize the need to provide services that are routinely not available in traditional merchant-processor relationships: trust, protection against insidious and unwarranted costs, education and other aspects of a true working relationship, providing mutually beneficial results," Jones said.

Revolution Payments is a veteran-owned company and has been a leading advocate and Level 3 payment processor to government vendors, contractors and companies selling to other businesses for the last 20 years.

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