Revolution Payments Announces Intuit QuickBoooks Level 3 Credit Card Processing

By providing Level-3 data, a business may reduce their credit card processing fees - often by 30% to 40%

Revolution Payments

Revolution Payments announces Level 3 credit card processing for QuickBooks users. Revolution Payments' QuickBooks interface is designed to enhance productivity and functionality, making a merchant’s daily work more efficient and easier while reducing expenses.

Level 3 credit card Processing for QuickBooks can provide lower costs for accepting commercial, business and government credit cards, often by 30%-40%.

The Revolution Payments solution passes level 3 line item detail, every time, which ensures the lowest possible interchange rates. The additional line item detail required to receive level 3 interchange rates is automatically obtained so no human error or manual work.

QuickBooks compatibility

  • Pro
  • Premier
  • Enterprise
  • Accountant
  • Online (soon)

Additional features

·       Accept, process, pay, deposit, void, or refund Credit Card and ACH payments

·       Void or refund customer payments

·       Level 2 and Level 3 processing

·       Reinitiate corrected ACH rejections/returns

·       Record customer deposits and send credit memos

·       Secure tokenization technology with point-to-point encryption

·       Quickly add, edit, view, and re-submit payments

·       Issue voids and refunds

·       Issue one-time payments and recurring Credit Card and ACH payments

·       Comprehensive customization option

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution payments should contact Sean Jones at Sean(at)revolution-payments(dot)com.

Source: Revolution Payments


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