Revolution Payments Announces a Level III Credit Card Processing Solution for Salesforce Users

Accept payments directly from any object in Salesforce

Revolution Payments

Revolution Payments announces a Level III credit card processing solution for Salesforce users.

This integrated solution streamlines and simplifies payment processing while mitigating the higher interchange fees automatically applied to credit cards accepted from other businesses or government.

Merchants utilizing this service are automatically enrolled in Revolution Payments free commercial card interchange optimization program. This lowers the interchange cost of accepting commercial cards, i.e., commercial, purchase, fleet, government and business cards by 1%-1.5%.

Level II/III eligible transactions are automatically updated, no manual entry required. This saves a business both time and money.


  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Credit card & ACH
  • Payment request invoicing
  • One-time or recurring billing
  • Payments in Salesforce communities

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution Payments or the Salesforce integrated credit card processing solution should contact Sean Jones at or call 888 790 3450.

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