Revolution Payments Announces a Freeze on All Monthly Fees, Including PCI and Non-Compliance Fees

Starting April 1, if a client is not processing they will not be charged.

Revolution Payments announces a freeze on all monthly fees, including PCI and non-compliance fees.

Revolution payments is very aware of the impact that COVID-19, the coronavirus, is having on businesses of all sizes.

They are committed to doing the right thing, not only during these difficult times, but in the future.

This means finding solutions to help and support businesses during these challenging times and minimizing potential long-term effects.

Starting April 1, if a client is one of these, and we see no settled transactions during a billing period, they will not be charged. Businesses do not need to do anything to get the monthly fees waived.

When they are ready to take card transactions again, normal monthly billing will resume.

With cities across the country encouraging social distancing, many businesses are trying to take their business online. To help with the burden of additional expenses, Revolution Payments is also waiving monthly software and set up fees through September 2020.

Businesses accepting credit cards from businesses or government will be signed up for their interchange optimization service. This automatically optimizes each transaction to the lowest interchange fee possible.

Since level 2 and level 3 detail is automatically attached to every qualifying commercial, purchase, fleet or government card, a business can reduce their interchange fees by up to 43%.

Businesses interested in learning more about Revolution Payments should call 888 790 3450 or email

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