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​​​​​​In 2008, the idea of luxury cinema seating was literally unheard of, so when VIP Cinema Seating first introduced premium reclining seating to the cinemas, success was far from assured. Yet the company grew rapidly and thrived, as moviegoers eagerly embraced the innovation and exhibitors saw immediate profitability. 

The company’s founders, Stephen Simons and Edward Powell, eventually sold the business only to see VIP enter bankruptcy earlier this year, hindering all VIP operations, and, even worse, VIP’s top-flight workforce. It was time to bring back those jobs and get back to work. A group of investors led by Simons, Powell and industry veteran Steve Lake, recently purchased VIP assets and restarted operations in New Albany, Mississippi under the VIP Luxury Seating brand.

“It’s been great to build a new manufacturing team with many of our former employees,” Simons notes. “The high caliber of the company workforce was always a critical factor in making the original VIP Cinema Seating such a success. Putting them back to work is key for us.”

The quality of the workforce and underlying soundness of VIP’s assets aren’t the only positives that the investment group has identified in the new company’s outlook. The group is also still bullish on cinema seating as both theatres and the economy as a whole rebound from current pandemic-induced challenges.  

“People are going to crave going to the movies again as soon as it is feasible,” Simons asserts. “And when you look at the industry’s heritage of adaptation and innovation stretching back over 120 years, it’s a good track record of response to customer desires. It’s been stated that popcorn, for example, was introduced by owners in the depths of the Great Depression. Over a decade ago, our luxury cinema seating was a breakthrough that helped change the entire movie-going experience. Now we’re bringing our design and production teams back together to apply their creativity and to realize the innovations that meet the moment of our current environment.”

Another bedrock asset: VIP’s dedication and strong focus on service, which will assure effective support for the industry’s rebound and which will serve as the foundation for a successfully reborn company.

“We have what it takes to produce the next game-changing innovation,” Simons points out.

“As in the past, VIP and their partners, will continue to enjoy the benefits of American made products.”

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