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Revience Corporation officially announced today its acquisition of Vetsch Custom Cabinetry. 

For over 40 years, Vetsch Custom Cabinetry has been known for tailored, meticulous cabinetry craftsmanship here in Minnesota, with Dave Vetsch at the helm. "As I prepared to retire, I wanted Vetsch Custom Cabinets in the hands of a strategic new owner who'd retain the craftsmanship while engaging in marketplace trends, ultimately growing the business," noted Vetsch.

Vetsch's wish was granted by Revience's acquisition of the company, which will offer the same beautiful cabinetry alongside comprehensive home design and integration services. 

Revience brings together smart home technology, home space and energy management, and stylish cabinetry to tailor your home to your family's lifestyle. Going forward, the corporation will be acquiring other assets and investing in developments as it looks to create a portfolio of companies that deliver a more personalized home experience.

"Our goal is to reimagine traditional industries with innovative solutions," said Kurt Gonyea, President of Revience Corporation. "As people spend time at home, they are on the hunt for more responsive, convenient, and trending cabinetry options; multi-purpose rooms; and smart, energy-conscious homes. We are here to fill that need."  

One-Stop Approach to Home Design

These new acquisitions position Revience as a multifunctional solution for homeowners, general contractors, architects, and designers who prefer to partner with one central vendor rather than source from a multitude of options. 

"We are developing products and acquiring companies to help homeowners create a personalized space to match their lifestyle and to be that one-stop provider to the trades as they design, build, and remodel homes," added Gonyea. 

This fresh approach allows for more modernization and customization in home design, making everyday household activities easier alongside beautiful, streamlined aesthetics. 

A Partnership That's Built to Thrive

This new partnership will generate functional, energy-efficient, gorgeous home designs for Minnesotans. Whether you're looking to save space, cut down on energy costs, enjoy trending custom cabinetry, or utilize smart home technologies, Revience takes you from initial design through electrical work into a transformed home that's uniquely yours. 

"These divisions are well-suited to grow together," said Gonyea. "They build upon one other, combining beauty and technology to serve the ever-evolving needs of homeowners." 

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Revience combines smart home technology, home space/energy management, and stylish cabinetry to align your home and lifestyle. Integrated services from initial design through electrical work transform your space, making it uniquely yours.