REVELOCITY and Catch Media Announce Partner and Licensing Agreements to Deliver Advanced Predictive Intelligence and Auto-Decisioning Solutions

Deal helps B2B companies optimize their MarTech performance to deliver more revenue and customers with higher ROI

Revelocity Group LLC (REVELOCITY) and Catch Media Inc. (Catch Media) announced today a reciprocal licensing arrangement and partner agreement focused on delivering a new level of AI-driven Predictive Intelligence and automated decisioning guidance to accelerate B2B sales and marketing performance.

Under the terms of the agreement, REVELOCITY will use the Catch Media Unified Data Schema and patented data processing engine to feed its Predictive Analytics and Auto-Decisioning modules. The Catch engine is highly robust and secure, having processed more than 20M pieces of metadata across 100s of billions of transactions for industry-leading companies worldwide.

The Agreement also provides Catch Media with an exclusive license for REVELOCITY's Predictive Analytics and Auto-Decisioning modules within the Media, Sports and Gaming industries.

"We are excited to team with Catch Media to provide a next-level, predictive performance advantage for our B2B customers," said Read Ziegler, CEO of REVELOCITY. "Combining best-in-class data curation and processing speed, with AI-driven predictive and prescriptive decision guidance, provides a powerful boost to any B2B Martech stack or rev-gen team."

One of the biggest hurdles for B2B companies is dealing with disparate data sources and reactive decision guidance provided by traditional analytics offerings. REVELOCITY's SaaS-based, Predictive Intelligence offering leverages pre-built APIs to capture and curate data from all available first-party and third-party sources and apply advanced AI/ML-based predictive analytics and auto-decisioning modules to feed downstream ABM, email and Marketing Automation systems with proactive guidance - all without the need for complex pre-set rules-based configurations.

Catch Media and REVELOCITY have spent the past six months developing the APIs and data pipes necessary to seamlessly and securely connect their platforms through a single UI and user experience. "This is a solution that is ready to go and can have immediate positive impact on B2B companies trying to accelerate and optimize their sales and marketing investments to drive more revenue, faster," said Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, CEO of Catch Media.

REVELOCITY provides AI-driven predictive analytics and auto-decisioning solutions to optimize the B2B sales and marketing ecosystem. REVELOCITY's Predictive Performance (RPP) cloud-native offering is specifically designed to boost MarTech and RevTech performance by increasing revenue, customer growth and ROI by 30% or more.
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Catch Media is a global leader in enabling organizations to harness the power of data to optimize business performance and transform customer interactions and experiences. Catch Media's Unified Data schema and patented platform technology have helped companies worldwide provide and monetize great digital experiences for their users by delivering appropriate, timely and seamless interactions across devices and markets.