RevCatch Launches Comprehensive Ad Blocker Detection and Resolution Platform

​RevCatch is proud to announce the release of its comprehensive cloud-based ad blocker detection and resolution platform, including RevAnalytics, RevDetect, RevUp and RevBoost. Designed specifically for the online media and publishing industry, RevCatch solutions identify revenue opportunities being lost to ad block usage and provide customized options to engage and require action from ad block users, as well as offer features and benefits to all website visitors. 

RevAnalytics is a free ad block detection analytics tool that allows online media and publishing companies to identify revenue opportunities that are being lost due to ad blockers. With RevAnalytics, a company will immediately understand the percentage of ad block users visiting their site and the loss impact to page views, impressions, advertisements and revenue. RevAnalytics is free and available by creating a login at and placing a site-specific script. Upon script placement, the application will begin tracking and populating data in the dashboard, providing near-real-time results. 

RevDetect provides ad block management by engaging the ad blocker user and requiring the user to take a specific action. With various flexible options based on the needs of the publisher, RevDetect can request or require the user to whitelist the site. Whitelisting of the site will protect content and allow ads to populate - recapturing impressions, page views, and revenue. Once enabled, RevDetect will track and provide RevAnalytics data associated with all statistics recaptured due to whitelisting requirements.

RevUp diversifies revenue streams by providing customized options for paid subscriptions. RevUp converts ad block users to paying subscribers and provides an option for an ad-free experience to all visitors of a website. After paying for a subscription, a user can proceed with an ad blocker; however, the application also includes an ad blocker, guaranteeing an ad-free experience for those willing to pay for it. The application facilitates user login, password reset, credit card processing, invoicing, renewals, upgrades, downgrades and cancellation functions. 

RevBoost offers online media and publishing companies an option to offer a temporary ad-free experience in exchange for a newsletter sign-up. The platform boosts newsletter engagement and creates alternative value by converting ad block users to valued subscribers. RevBoost includes a direct application programming interface (API) to the most popular integrated marketing platforms, allowing email addresses to be passed immediately into customer listings for marketing opportunities.

About RevCatch

RevCatch is a cloud-based software and services provider that develops integrated technology platforms for ad block detection, ad block user engagement, subscription accelerators and database converters for online media and publishing companies. Born from the media and content production industry, RevCatch’s foundation is built on diversifying revenue through recaptured revenue and subscriptions. For more information, please visit

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