Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Kitt Sr.'s New Book Is a Brilliant Narrative About a Family's Worldly Desires, Fortune, and Faith

Fulton Books author Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Kitt Sr., a preacher with a doctoral in Christian education and a master's in theology, has completed his most recent book, "Lust Sex and Left Behind": an engrossing read about the Manner family and how they face the rapture of the church. It talks about the consequences of submitting to worldly desires, clouding the mind with the chase for fortune, and experiencing the rapture. Likewise, it shows how some of them still strive to spread the Word and reach out to the people of God.

Rev. Dr. Kitt Sr. shares, "The rapture is on the horizon. The Manner family is in danger of being left behind. They are a dysfunctional, wealthy family suffering from worshiping one another to worshiping money. Life has been very cruel to some members of the family and very generous to others. Some members of the family choose to be unprepared for life after school, while others excel in their academics. Some of the Manner family live to satisfy the desires of the flesh, but others live for God.

"Within this book, the readers shall be introduced to the Manner family, who are about to experience the rapture of the church. To the family, God gave a set of twin girls who have been spiritually touched from the day of conception. Lucifer seeks to destroy them as infants, but God denies him the ability to do so.

"The twins not only seek to prepare their family for the rapture, but they reach out into their community, spreading the Gospel. Although this is a spiritual book, one to lead souls to Christ, it also deals with everyday matters."

Published by Fulton Books, Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Kitt Sr.'s book brings the readers the realization that despite all the bad things one goes through in life, God is always around and won't leave His child alone in whatever battle.

It is a novel that proves that with faith and devotion in Him, triumph is not impossible.

Readers who wish to experience this moving work can purchase "Lust Sex and Left Behind" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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