Rev Announces New Languages in Automated Speech Recognition

The world's most accurate speech-to-text engine, Rev, today announced the expansion of its highly accurate speech recognition service with the addition of four new languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. The new offering will expand Rev's ability to address customer needs with a global user base, allowing for English and non-English asynchronous transcription.

Rev founder and CEO Jason Chicola said, "As the leader in speech-to-text recognition, this expansion will help our customers have more inclusive conversations and do more business around the world."

At this time, the expansion does not include automatic translation (e.g., English to French), but many customers will immediately see the benefits - the hassle-free simplicity of a single automated speech recognition platform and the ability to identify "who said what" using our diarization algorithm. "Non-English transcription has been our number one customer request and we are thrilled we are able to help our customers remove barriers in trying to meet the needs of a global audience," said Miguel Jette, Director of Speech R&D at Rev.

About Rev

Rev is the largest and most popular speech-to-text service in the world with more than 170,000 customers globally. Recognized widely as the most accurate and fastest service of its kind, Rev helps anyone capture insights from voice, connect with audiences and turbocharge productivity. Powered by a large and vibrant community of freelancers, Rev uses artificial intelligence tools to turn speech into text at unparalleled low cost. The company is obsessed with making the power of voice accessible to everyone, all while creating fulfilling work-from-home jobs. Learn more at


Source: Rev