ReUpp Reinvents Resale

ReUpp Starts the Resale Journey at First Point-of Purchase, Both Online & In-store

Real-time Guaranteed Buy-back Offers

Unlike others in the resale market, ReUpp is the only resale technology to focus on the benefits of getting customers involved at the first point of purchase-increasing retailer conversions, average order value and customer lifetime value. ReUpp assigns a real-time buy-back value for customer purchases, generates a store credit and free return shipping label through an elegant API integration or browser extension. Through resale and recycle partnerships, ReUpp can also manage the continued lifecycle of ReUpped items.

In response to the post-pandemic need to drive more retailer foot traffic, ReUpp recently developed an in-store POS solution that allows customers to start the ReUpp process using a QR code and their receipt. 

"I created ReUpp to change consumer behavior from consumption to thoughtful purchasing," says Lauryn Vaughn, ReUpp Founder & CEO, "by getting shoppers to think about the resale value at the time of first purchase and knowing they can give it a second home if they decide down the road. Historically, if people decide to re-sell, it's a chore, with a financial incentive that might or might not be worth the effort, plus they have to wait until their item sells (if it sells) for them to cash in. ReUpp provides a guaranteed buy-back price before they've even purchased, so if you champagne shopped, wore it to an event, your personal style's evolving or it didn't fit quite right, ReUpp has your back!"

ReUpp is live on luxury brand SMYTHE, and through their Chrome Extension, 16 additional brands including Aritzia, Canada Goose, Saks, Nordstrom, Revolve, Shopbop and Mackage, with more being added every day. 

Sonya Weisberg, SMYTHE Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, says, "Since implementing ReUpp's technology in 2021 we're seeing great feedback from our customers. It's adding a level of sustainability to SMYTHE by letting the customer know that 'While our pieces are designed to last a lifetime, a lifetime is a long time, so we can now facilitate those pieces finding a second home.' Also, the ReUpp buy-back price lets them know the value they can get back later, further incentivizing the initial purchase. By building in a circular economy, it helps take away any post-purchase guilt; they know they can love a piece and then it can have a second, third or even fourth life."

In August 2021, ReUpp secured its Pre-seed funding from Angel Investor, Tom Williams, The 51 and other strategic investors.

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ReUpp has offices in both Austin, TX and Calgary, AB, and was founded by Lauryn Vaughn, founder of Canada's largest online luxury reseller, The Revente (formerly, The Upside). ReUpp is B2B SaaS technology, as well as a B2C Browser Extension.

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