Return of the INTELLI-POLE®

The utility industry's only true slip-fit joint modular composite utility pole.

Beacon Global Partners, LLC (BGP) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Highland Industries, Inc. to acquire the assets associated with its composites business, including the INTELLI-POLE®. The closing is projected by late January 2022.

The INTELLI-POLE® composite pole (CP) is a triumph of design excellence that solves a utility's toughest application challenges. The INTELLI-POLE®: 

  • Is the only modular CP made with all American materials, is a green product void of all VOCs, is environmentally safe and features the industry's only true slip-fit joint enabling rapid installation and repair.
  • Reduces installation costs and lowers life-cycle costs compared to conventional poles. 
  • Is lightweight w/interchangeable sections that assemble safely & quickly in the field within 1½ hrs.
  • Provides rapid disaster recovery and grid hardening. 
  • Has the longest possible service life >80 years and is a maintenance free solution.
  • Is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds and will not ignite during brush or forest fires. 
  • Is multi-functional for utilities and for 5G communications. 
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BGP has assembled a team to lead Intelli-Pole, LLC, including some of the original management involved with the INTELLI-POLE® design & manufacturing at UCS (the founding company), including Walt Losch as VP of Sales & Business Development, and Jeremy Kunkle as Manufacturing Operations Manager.

Mr. Losch, an original founder of the INTELLI-POLE® said, "I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of the team bringing the INTELLI-POLE® back to a market that I originally brought to that market. The excitement is to see the return of such a great product and the impact it will make in the lives of people, especially those in disaster prone areas." Mr. Losch went on to say, "Utilities have been inquiring as to whether or not the INTELLI-POLE® is coming back as it is still their pole of choice, and I am proud to say that the INTELLI-POLE® is returning!"

Intelli-Pole, LLC will begin early article manufacturing operations by mid 2022 with the current equipment, while outfitting a brand-new manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. The new facility will allow production of the INTELLI-POLE® to quadruple in the next eighteen (18) months.

In addition to the current IP, a family of derivative products will be developed that conforms to the IP acquired, which can serve utilities, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), municipal/DoT Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as well as communication markets.

Contact: Walt Losch
Intelli-Pole, LLC
Phone: (610) 659-9030



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The INTELLI-POLE® composite pole (CP) is the utility industry's only true slip-fit joint modular utility pole. The INTELLI-POLE® is a triumph of design excellence that solves a utility's toughest application challenges.