Retreat Synergy Offering Virtual Mental Health Counseling

A leading East Coast mental health and substance abuse treatment center is expanding access to mental health care through dedicated telehealth services

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As the need for mental health counseling rises amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Retreat Synergy, a comprehensive mental health treatment provider, is seeking to meet the needs of more individuals through telehealth services. This virtual form of counseling helps guarantee access to care while abiding by COVID restrictions, and is also useful for those individuals who are otherwise unable to travel, or who have fear and anxiety regarding person-to-person contact.

Telehealth has sharply risen in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic, and it's expected that social distancing measures at hospitals and other healthcare facilities could lead to one billion telehealth visits by the end of the year. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking mental health care who may not have other means of addressing the issues they are facing.

Central to the growth in telehealth was the lifting of Medicare requirements for telemedicine visits in March 2020, which made it easier and more affordable for patients and doctors to utilize technology for virtual visits. Retreat Behavioral Health is proud to have joined the thousands of healthcare facilities across the country who have expanded into this new role.

Aside from making essential health services easier to obtain—including primary care and mental health care—telehealth will also help simplify the management of chronic health conditions and medication management

Types of Mental Health Therapy Available Through Retreat Behavioral Health

Retreat Behavioral Health specializes in various types of mental health therapy, many of which are used together as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. These include:

With a rise in focus on mental health, Retreat Behavioral Health's Synergy Health Program remains dedicated to helping individuals take care of their mental health in the best and safest ways possible. Telehealth ensures Retreat Behavioral Health is able to meet these needs, and is being offered in addition to in-person services.

Help When and Where it's Needed

Retreat's mental health division, Synergy Health Programs, can help with a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and substance abuse. If you are or a loved one is struggling with mental health or substance abuse, please visit to learn more about telehealth and other available services.

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