Retreat Behavioral Health Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Quality Care & Navigating Stigma

A leading behavioral health care provider is breaking the stigma of individuals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders.

Retreat Behavioral Health

Retreat Behavioral Health, a well-established care facility for substance use and mental health disorders, is celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Retreat has been providing decade-long quality care at their mental health and substance use treatment centers, designed to offer patients personalized and comprehensive programs that are tailored to their needs.

With a flagship location in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Retreat has since opened additional behavioral health centers in both Connecticut and Florida designed to treat patients through a variety of health services. The last 10 years of firsthand experience have provided insight into the many changes regarding stigmas toward mental health, and now, they seek to break the mindset.

According to CEO Peter Schorr, those who seek help for mental health and substance use disorders are oftentimes considered unstable or dangerous. He explains that most of the stigma comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding. Since opening their first location, Retreat not only cares for patients, but seeks to educate their families about the complexities of behavioral disorders, and in turn create a more compassionate community.

Retreat Behavioral Health uses the term "Not in My Backyard", or NIMBY, to refer to a person, or group of people, who object to the placement of something that may be deemed as unpleasant or hazardous into the area in which they live. According to Schorr, substance use and mental health disorders have become a more prevalent part of society, and the more it is discussed, the more people are educating themselves on the issues. He explains that these conversations help the NIMBY stigma so facilities like Retreat can open with little resistance.

Once on the brink of foreclosure, Peter Schorr was invited to look at the property that would later change thousands of lives. Now a decade later, Schorr explains that Retreat took the time to create a space where patients could not only be comfortable, but optimistic about getting the help they needed.

About Retreat Behavioral Health

Retreat Behavioral Health provides quality, compassionate care for mental health and substance use disorders. Their many comprehensive programs are designed to fit patient needs and provide a comfortable environment to receive treatment. Interested readers are encouraged to contact them for more information. 

Source: Retreat Behavioral Health