Retarus MailEDI Streamlines Ordering Processes for Purchasers

New service increases ordering processing capabilities with B and C suppliers

Retarus MailEDI

​With its new Retarus MailEDI service, cloud service provider Retarus offers purchasers a digital communication solution which facilitates the automation of order confirmations received from smaller suppliers. Thanks to interactive ordering emails and responses which are digitally processed into formats compatible with their respective ERP systems, companies maintain full control over their orders. The Retarus flat pricing model allows companies to connect an unlimited number of suppliers to the system without incurring additional costs.

Retarus MailEDI supports companies in their efforts to digitalize their purchasing processes. Integrating smaller partners lacking in EDI capabilities poses a particularly demanding challenge for companies looking to benefit from digitalization. Due to limited technical options, low order volumes, or a lack of economical and well-recognized solutions, smaller suppliers often send out their order confirmations as PDF documents. In some cases, it may just be an “I hereby confirm…” email. Manually post-processing these messages involves additional efforts which are both cost- and work-intensive for the operative purchasing department, often hand in hand with a high error rate.

Retarus MailEDI provides a solution to this problem. Using the service, all orders to B and C suppliers are sent as interactive emails. These messages give recipients the options of confirming, rejecting, or even editing the order with a single click, without having to log into a portal. The contents and language of these ordering emails can be set individually for each recipient. Static (unchanging) attachments, such as quality guidelines or terms & conditions, can also be added with minimal effort. Retarus delivers the supplier’s response as an EDI message. The company placing the order maintains control over the timeliness of its suppliers’ responses by way of an automated monitoring system. Retarus MailEDI supports all common sector-specific standards, with all data processed in compliance with data privacy regulations in local Retarus data centers.

Up to 75 percent more order confirmations from B and C suppliers

“To increase reliability in procurement planning, it is absolutely essential to digitalize and automate business processes across the board. Optimized purchasing processes reduce employee workloads, freeing up valuable resources for important, time-intensive processes,” explains Martin Hager, CEO and founder of Retarus. “Using Retarus MailEDI, companies achieve quicker response times, increase the automation of their monitoring, and significantly reduce the time and money spent on manual post-processing. The ordering company benefits from higher levels of user acceptance, as well as up to 75 percent more order confirmations from B and C suppliers, most importantly, in a format that enables automated processing.”

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