Retarus Helps: Munich-Based IT Company Donates 110,000 Dollars to Victims of the War in Ukraine

In addition to financial aid, Retarus and its employees are also showing their solidarity with civilians in Ukraine through various aid projects.

Martin Hager, Founder CEO at Retarus

Retarus, the Munich-based provider of cloud services around the globe, which has its U.S. subsidiary in Secaucus, has made over 100,000 euros (about 110,000 dollars) immediately available for aid projects related to the war in Ukraine. This amounts to roughly 220 (about 240 dollars) euros per employee. All 13 of Retarus' country organizations, including Romania, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA, are receiving a share of the total donation proportional to their number of employees to support whichever local projects they prefer - this may take the form of purchasing and donating goods such as medicines, hygiene products, baby food, blankets, and much more, or even financing the transportation of aid supplies to the Ukrainian border. In Munich, Germany, where Retarus is headquartered, the company has also made its company apartment available to a refugee family which has fled from Ukraine.

Retarus' employees across the globe are also engaged in a variety of aid projects for Ukraine on their own initiative. One member of the Retarus staff has already delivered donated items to the Romanian border with Ukraine and brought refugees back to Germany, where they can shelter safely. More employees are currently on their way to the Ukrainian border. Other Retarus employees have taken refugees into their homes or are supporting victims of the war by donating money, items, or their time. 

Retarus has long given staff the opportunity to participate as volunteers in social projects. To encourage participation in charitable initiatives, for many years now Retarus has given each of its 500 employees two days off every year to volunteer for projects. These "Retarus Helps" days have now been doubled due to the current situation, allowing each employee to increase their own contributions accordingly. This is not intended to be a one-off effort, but rather provide ongoing support. 

Just how crucial it is to take a clear stance at this time is underlined by Martin Hager, Founder and CEO of Retarus: "We're appalled by Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, which is increasingly being waged on the civilian population on a large scale. It is absolutely unjustifiable. In this hour of need, we have a duty to provide quick and unbureaucratic assistance to those who have fled their homes, while also supporting the aid workers in our neighboring countries which border Ukraine. I'm proud of my employees, who have spontaneously declared their willingness to bring relief supplies to the Ukrainian border and provide help in other ways, for instance by providing a room to accommodate refugees. Our donation of over 100,000 euros has been portioned out to our country organizations around the globe to support local Ukraine aid initiatives. We earnestly hope that all hostilities and acts of war are swiftly brought to an end and that negotiations lead to lasting peace and freedom for the people living in Ukraine."

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