Retarus Bounce and Response Manager: Greater Control Over Inbound Transactional Email Traffic

New Retarus service simplifies handling of traffic and facilitates workflow automation

Retarus Transactional Email - Monitoring

Retarus, the global provider of enterprise cloud services, has launched an intelligent new service enabling companies to better organize and administrate all inbound messages as they arrive: The Bounce and Response Manager. This new option gives Retarus Transactional Email users a powerful service for sending high mail volumes straight from their business applications and more control over the inbound channel.

Retarus Transactional Email handles peaks in transmission of up to 10 million emails an hour without difficulty. Mailing campaigns of such a magnitude often pose a daunting challenge for companies due to the huge number of inbound responses, many of which are automatically generated. Separating "out of office" messages and "hard bounces" from real enquiries sent by prospective customers, either manually or even by implementing rules at inbox level for each individual employee, is laborious and staff intensive. Speedy and timely responses is hardly possible without the right tools. The new Bounce and Response Manager makes it possible to route inbound messages, handle incoming traffic, and automate workflow steps in advance for the marketing, support, and contact center departments. All without placing unnecessary strain on the company's internal, technical, and human resource capacities.

Based on extensive incoming email content analysis, the service can automatically recognize and classify system-generated notification messages, error messages, or out of office notices. This allows them to be separated from "real" responses at an early stage; already taking place within Retarus' Enterprise Cloud before the emails have reached the company's own infrastructure.

Comprehensive rule sets facilitate workflow automation

Those responsible for the company email infrastructure can also make use of a large number of other criteria to implement their policies. In addition to analyzing the contents of messages (e.g., according to language or specific phrases and keywords), technical parameters can also be defined (e.g., the geographical origin/IP address of the sender), which can be implemented to trigger concrete actions for incoming messages. Retarus' email experts from the Support, Service Management, and Technical Consulting departments are available, on request, to advise customers on the configuration of these rule sets.

Pre-defined email streams enable quicker reaction to customer requests

"Whether they're sending newsletters, order confirmations, or delivery notifications - the more emails companies send out, the more responses they can expect to be confronted with. Manually sorting messages received in response to large-scale, automated mailing campaigns in a timely manner is basically doomed to fail from the outset," explains Sören Schulte, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Retarus. "Nowadays customers rightly expect very quick responses to their requests. With the Bounce and Response Manager, we have augmented our range of services to focus on the whole topic of inbound traffic. In this way, we are enabling our customers to already set rules within the Retarus infrastructure, significantly accelerating the communication along the customer journey."

An integral part of the Secure Email Platform for added security

The Transactional Email service, including the Bounce and Response Manager, is an integral part of the comprehensive Retarus Secure Email Platform. In addition to fulfilling the most stringent requirements for performance and compliance, the platform approach gives rise to another key benefit for users: all emails received in response to a mailing campaign can optionally be checked for viruses and potential threats by means of Retarus' Email Security service.

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