Retail Robotics Announces Rapid Expansion with New Robotic Delivery Solutions

As customers move to online shopping, one thing is clear: Retail Robotics is the next technology company to watch in 2022.


Retail Robotics, one of the top-rated companies in innovative tech solutions for retailers and logistic services providers, shares new insights on robotic innovations, which can solve problems of so-called "last-mile" and revolutionize global delivery infrastructure for e-commerce and e-grocery. It addresses big challenges the market is currently facing. 

The market is booming and the forecasts show the growth to $7.385 trillion of global e-commerce sales by 2025. While demand for online deals could grow without limits, the current infrastructure cannot handle the increased volumes. Everything indicates that robotic pick-up points will become one of the key answers to the expectations of online retailers and consumers.  

"Classic solutions have low capacity and occupy large space. Whereas home delivery causes higher traffic in cities and generates air pollution. With today's rapid growth of online shopping, many retailers still lack the efficient delivery options in terms of costs, footprint, capacity, and consumer experience," explained CEO and Founder at Retail Robotics, Łukasz Nowiński. With the multichannel technology from Retail Robotics, retailers can reduce costs and boost their sales, ultimately contributing to the sustainable development of cities. "Today's consumers have high expectations for more convenient options allowing them to collect their orders 24/7, safe, fast, easy and for free," Nowiński added. 

For e-grocery retailers, the company provides Arctan technology, the most efficient click-and-collect robotic solution that increases profitability and customer experience, and at the same time offers the lowest footprint. In fact, one Arctan (capacity 202 logistic bins and 28 freezer lockers) replaces 14 classic refrigerated lockers. Arctan Drive version for e-grocery curbside pickup has a high capacity of 896 logistic bins or more (capacity of 56 classic lockers), can fit eight standard parking spots and serve seven customers at a time. It can be integrated with Micro Fulfillment Center for remote loading, enabling a very efficient process.

In the parcel delivery market, Retail Robotics enables logistics providers to reduce costs by up to 90% with its other flagship innovation PickupHero, a robotic parcel locker. It fits 90% of local stores and gives a top customer experience without the involvement of a salesperson. The additional advantage for local shops is a 70% pick-up to purchase ratio.

PickupHero allows rapid expansion in agglomerations such as NY, Paris or London  - just by allowing the use of large local store networks like 7-Eleven, without interfering with the city's architecture. After the successful debut at NRF 2022 Innovation Lab, the company announced plans to implement them on several European markets in 2022.

This kind of transition from home delivery to robotic solutions remains crucial to continued success in the retail landscape ahead. "Retail Robotics carved its path by staying ahead of the competition. I am proud to begin talks with the world's biggest players to change traditional logistics to robotized parcel lockers, automated machines for e-grocery and click-and-collect pickup points, that will drastically reduce the number of home deliveries, congestion and pollution in cities and increase the efficiency of retail. We all need to be on board to make a significant impact," announced Łukasz Nowiński. 

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Retail Robotics is a leading company that creates robotic solutions for retailers and providers of logistic services. Its convenient delivery and collection technologies unleash the full potential of retail, reduce the costs and remove the bottleneck of last-mile delivery.

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Retail Robotics is a leading company that creates robotic, innovative technological solutions for retailers and providers of logistic services. The company creates the delivery infrastructure of the future for e-commerce and e-grocery.

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