Retail Industry Veterans Partner to Create Axiom Retail Advisors, Inc.

Axiom Retail Advisors to use Data, Experience & Instinct to provide hands-on solutions for Landlords and Tenants in California and the West.

Axiom Retail Advisors is a new boutique brokerage founded by seasoned industry professionals Terry Bortnick, Paul Bartlett, Lea Park, Stephanie Skrbin, Preston Kim and Michelle Mejia. The company has offices in Orange County, Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire and San Diego County, and provides consulting and brokerage services throughout California and the Western U.S.

The partners' mission is to create a collaborative approach that delivers superior results and outcomes for its clients by using the primary methodology of: Data, Experience & Instinct.

The Axiom team is unique in that they have worked in-house for some of the nation's largest, most noteworthy landlords and tenants, as well as working as brokers and consultants on a third-party basis. This experience allows Axiom to assess a situation from multiple perspectives and craft transactions that satisfy startups and institutions alike.

An axiom is a self-evident truth that is universally accepted because it's so obvious. 

Axiom Retail Advisors bases their business philosophy on the following axioms:

  1.  Commercial Real Estate transactions require deep understanding of demographics, customer behavior and traffic patterns, and thus Axiom embraces an in-depth analysis of applicable data to assist their clients to make rational decisions.
  2. Data alone doesn't ensure that deals get done. Years and years in the trenches have enabled Axiom to be able to adjust and adapt rapidly. They're able draw on a track record of well over 4,000 lease and sales transactions. They haven't "seen it all", but they've certainly seen most of it.
  3. Data is the Science. Experience is the Practice. Instinct is the Art. There's a "feel" to relationships and successful transactions that can't be put into words. Axiom trusts their gut.

Michelle Mejia

Source: Axiom Retail Advisors, Inc.