Resume Games and Nexway Join Forces, Aim to Expand Into Asian PC Gaming Markets

Although China reported the world's highest gaming revenues in 2015, it is still underdeveloped compared to the USA other western countries. However, these companies are about to change that.

Resume Games and Nexway are pleased to announce a new partnership. Through this partnership, Resume Games has launched a new platform that will make it even easier for global PC gamers, specifically in Asia, to enjoy their favorite games like never before. 

“We plan to deliver the same level of comfort to the Asian gaming community as already enjoyed by western gamers in the U.S.A, E.U. and the U.K.,” stated Dmitry Fedotov, CEO of Resume Games

According to Fedotov, the company’s new platform offers convenient features for gamers living in countries like China, Japan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.

“Our platform allows users to easily purchase our games in a variety of Asian currencies such as the Chinese Yuan or Thai Baht, he mentioned “When PC gamers purchase their games from us, they also get localized PC gaming descriptions and requirements in their own local language in pair with support in their native language” stated Fedotov.

 “With Nexway, one of the world’s leading providers of digital video game content, we are able us to offer over 17,000 game titles to our customers all over the world,” Fedotov stated.

While both companies plan to place a heavy emphasis on the entire Asian and Global markets, it will place a big focus on China. Last year, China became the world’s largest gaming market by revenue. In 2015, China’s digital games market growth was 5 times bigger than the rest of Asian market.”

“Despite those increasing numbers, it is still largely a neglected region for gaming,” stated Fedotov. “That’s where we come in. Resume Games and Nexway strive to be a major force in this part of the world.”

As the Asian gaming market gains momentum and competes with the western world for the number one spot, both companies vow to be at the forefront of that growth throughout China and neighboring countries.

“This is an amazing opportunity for both companies to use this partnership as a vehicle to expand to Asian markets,” stated Christian Désert, CEO of Nexway Inc. “We look forward to what the future brings.”

About Resume Games: Resume Games is a competitive digital store that offers the latest and most popular games at a price PC gamers can easily afford. 

About Nexway: Nexway is a leading provider of full-service e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of digital video games, apps and software products. 


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