Restaurant Safety Boosted With New Sani Shaker No-Contact Salt & Pepper Shakers

Patrons will expect a clean and safe environment as they return to dining out, says Sani Shaker inventor.

Sani Shaker salt & pepper shakers

As restaurants prepare to reopen across the country, assuring a clean and safe environment for customers is more important than ever. Customers using salt & pepper shakers can now be protected from the transmission of allergens, viruses and bacteria found on salt & pepper shakers with the new Sani Shaker® design with built-in handles. These handles can easily be sanitized by restaurant patrons using supplied anti-bacterial wipes. 

The Sani Shaker® tabletop set includes new salt & pepper shakers with specially designed handles, signage and disposable wipes, which can be used by customers to clean the shaker handles before each use. The wipes can also be wrapped around the shaker handles as they are used, and they may be used to further clean the table itself.

Research conducted by the University of Arizona and ABC News shows that restaurant salt & pepper shakers harbor more strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses than a toilet seat. Tens of thousands of these organisms can be found on each set of shakers.

“The use of Sani-Shaker® salt & pepper shakers and disposable wipes greatly reduces or eliminates the cross-contamination of viruses, bacteria and allergens on salt & pepper shakers, providing a safer, more comfortable dining experience,” says Dr. Jason Lee, a dentist who practices in the Atlanta, GA, area and Sani Shaker inventor. "The Sani Shaker® protocol allows patrons to participate in the protection of their health and the health of others. Knowing first-hand that the dining area is as sanitary as possible is comforting to everyone," says Dr. Lee.​

Sani Shaker® salt & pepper shakers also feature raised Braille labeling for the visually impaired.

The new, safer salt & paper shakers, disposable wipes and informational signs are now available for order by restaurant supply distributors, restaurant owners, hotels  and related hospitality businesses. For information and ordering, visit, or email to:

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