Restaurant Owners Welcome With Open Arms as a Free Online Food Ordering System

During This Pandemic, Online Food Ordering Systems Have Become an Absolute Necessity. Understand Their Advantages, How They Maximize Sales & Profitability, Even at No Cost.

Eatance Free Food Ordering System - Top 10  Advantages

 Eatance, an on-demand mobile app marketplace, gets an overwhelming response from the restaurant community for its free online food ordering system. Eatance overcomes traditional business challenges by increasing outreach, driving promotional activities, and engaging customers with better tools to skyrocket sales.

How Can an Online Food Ordering System Help Restaurants?

With COVID-19's devastating effect on food businesses, there was a loss of millions of livelihoods. Finally, now online food delivery is increasing at an accelerated pace. Being online is necessary for increasing customer reach and boosting revenue streams.

Restaurants can create an "eye-catching" online presence with Eatance's free restaurant website and ordering system. When a restaurant has a customer-friendly online ordering system, the chances of boosting sales and increasing profit margin just skyrockets.

Current Trends and the Top 10 Advantages of Having an Online Food Ordering System: 
The worldwide year-over-year decrease of dine-in customers in the year 2020 was 25.59%, compared to 2019. Indeed a significant change, this percentage had fallen to 81.74% in 2021, whereas online food delivery increased by 67% globally, with the U.S. leading with a 123% increase (according to Statista - June 2, 2020).

  1. More customers now choose to order from restaurant websites instead of third-party food portals to support their beloved restaurants.
  2. Automate the entire process and save valuable time so that businesses can focus on what's essential - customers.
  3. Save hefty commissions to third-party food ordering platforms from hard-earned money and keep the entire profit.
  4. Add a personalized touch by creating 'thank you messages' and other branding aspects. Show guests how much they are appreciated.
  5.  Online ordering systems drive more revenue as customers explore the complete menu and then place an order without feeling the pressure to wrap up.
  6. Customers tend to spend more when they order online vs. on-premise. Run promotional offers to keep them coming back and convert them to loyal customers.
  7. Avoid costly misunderstandings and food wastage. Increase accuracy with online ordering systems.
  8. Get access to great analytics and insights, such as regular customers, popular food items and review ratings, etc., to make precise decisions.
  9. Showcase food items with a digital menu that is easy to create, edit and manage.
  10. Increase customer reach. A restaurant's seating capacity may be limited, but businesses can reach thousands of people at a time with online ordering.

Online Food Ordering System: Must-Have Features

  • Stunning Mobile-Responsive Interface
  • Customizable Menu Products with Add-ons
  • Easy-to-use Order Management Admin
  • Coupons Management
  • POS: Add Orders & Print Invoices
  • Event Booking & Party Packages
  • Engagement & Loyalty Features
  • Review Ratings
  • Restaurant Name & Branding
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Easy Reorder
  • Detailed Analytical Reports
  • Social Sharing & Blogs 

Eatance is one of the best online ordering systems, which provides a free (no commission, no subscription) online food ordering system with all of the above features, plus a worry-free hosted platform and secure restaurant data with a separate database. Eatance helps restaurants to move towards digitalization with a pledge to generate 50K new jobs globally.

EatanceApp is a brainchild of a thriving tech giant EvinceDev: a top-rated mobile app development company in the USA with the vision of empowering entrepreneurs. EvinceDev has an incredible 97% success ratio with accomplishments of delivering 1,200+ IT Solutions.

Source: Eatance App (EvinceDev Initiative)

About Eatance App

Eatance is an on-demand mobile app marketplace providing Best in class Food Delivery Solutions & custom mobility solutions to small businesses