Response to First Person in Canada Charged with Thought-Crime and Pre-Crime in Freedom of Expression Case

The government of Quebec takes totalitarianism to a whole new level by evoking the equivalent of the War Measures Act to go after and censor social media websites, , such as blogs, FACEBOOK and other free speech sites - aka THOUGHT-CRIME.

The government of Quebec takes totalitarianism to a whole new level by evoking the equivalent of the War Measures Act to go after and censor social media websites. A Quebec Liberal Party appointed judge named Me Alain Gelinas suspended the Canadian Constitution, suspended the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, suspended the Civil Code of Quebec, and suspended The Quebec Charter of Human Rights in targeting the censorship of social media on the Internet, such as blogs, FACEBOOK and other free speech sites.

The judge set a legal precedent by redefining posting an idea on the Internet as solicitation, without the need for witnesses that someone has been solicited and without requiring evidence that someone in Quebec has even seen your Internet post.

The judge also sets a legal precedent that says that Quebec has legal jurisdiction over all Internet sites worldwide that can be seen by a resident of Quebec and overrides/nullifies all Terms of Service Agreements in other jurisdictions. These broad sweeping measures now gives the Quebec government the right to censor, to control, to prosecute and to suppress information and people on the Internet anywhere in the world, that the government deems is a THOUGHT-CRIME.. These Orwellian measures gives Big Brother the power now to charge you with an offence even before it is committed, called PRE-CRIME.

The judge also sets a legal precedent in Quebec for the first time in over 100 years that "you are guilty, until proven innocent", reversing the presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

Artist, Writer, Diplomat, Blogger, Social Activist and an Ambassador The Most Noble David Kam is the first case of someone in Quebec charged with THOUGHT-CRIME. He is also the first case of someone in Quebec charged with PRE-CRIME. He had posted opinions and ideas on a blog under construction that is based in the United States ("City of Los Angeles legal jurisdiction") set to launch in the year 2015, about protecting the environment.

The AUTORITE DES MARCHES FINANCIERS (the "AUTHORITY"), which support the fracking industries, mining, and logging companies, along with a tribunal called The BUREAU DE DECISION ET DE REVISION ("the BUREAU") went out of its way to shut down Ambassador Kam 's blog , as a means to support the extractive industry lobby. The Quebec government's adversity and aggressive opposition to potentially creating thousands of well-paying high tech green jobs in Quebec is shameful.

THOUGHT-CRIME CONVICTION: Freedom of Expression is now expressly prohibited in Quebec with the "precedent" conviction. People being targeted for censorship and punishment are people who expresses an opinion on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, blogs, social networks or anywhere on the Internet someone in the government of Quebec disagrees with. The government of Quebec sets a "precedent", saying posting anything on the Internet is now defined as solicitation, even if nobody in Quebec has seen it.
PRE-CRIME CONVICTION: The government's theory of PRE-CRIME is to catch a crime before it happens, and charge someone with crimes they might commit in the future. This is right out of Hollywood blockbuster "The Minority Report", starring Tom Cruise and George Orwell's book 1984. The government of Quebec's goal is to punish innocent people before an offence can happen. Someone in the government of Quebec simply pointing a finger at you is enough to make you guilty, even without witnesses or concrete evidence. So what if you did not commit a crime; you are guilty simply because you might do it in the future?

GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE FABRICATES AND PLANTS FALSE EVIDENCE AS STANDARD PROCEDURE: Since the government of Quebec had no witnesses in Quebec and no evidence for the case against Ambassador Kam, the AUTHORITY fabricated false evidence against him, which they call standard procedure. It is highly disturbing that the AUTHORITY fabricated false evidence by having one of their employees hack into the green stock exchange blog. It is an utter disgrace, a total perversion of justice and is a criminal offence to fabricate false evidence.

"I am planning to challenge this all the way up to the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of suspending my constitutional and civil rights and their fabrication of false evidence", says Ambassador Kam.
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