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Resonant Botanicals has introduced their latest flagship product, ROYAL. This brand-new formula draws on the comments of long time customers about other items and how they may work together to relieve severe pain. When Resonant Botanicals noticed patterns in what customers were saying, they knew it was time to add something to their product line and created a brand-new product...ROYAL. It combines three items in the Resonant Botanicals product line: Painless X, Neuro-Soothe, and MSR.

“When we came out with Painless X, we had a surprising amount of customers contact us, asking whether it was okay to combine Neuro-Soothe with Painless X. Many of our long time customers began independently referring to this mix as ‘the cocktail!’ It became quite funny to hear person after person come up with the same nickname for this beloved combination. If you’re one of the many fans of ‘the cocktail,’ ROYAL is for you!” -Michael Yocco (CEO)

ROYAL cuts out the mixing process that customers were doing on their own. Instead of having to reach for two or three different items and apply them one after another, they now only need one jar. Customers who have enjoyed mixing the Neuro-Soothe with Painless X and even the MSR will enjoy ROYAL. It draws on all three products for inspiration.​

Neuro-Soothe is intended to relieve symptoms of neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and dystonia. On the other hand, the Painless X lotion and MSR are meant to reduce inflammation and soothe pain. With ROYAL, you can get the benefit of combining all three.

ROYAL is meant to provide users with pain relief. It can be used for aching joints or muscles. Some people might use it for chronic pain, while others may use it after an intense workout. The goal is to give consumers one effective product that is great for many uses. Because this is a topical product, many customers find it easy to use for pain relief and faster working than some alternatives such as oral pain relievers.

One way that this product is different from any other lotion from Resonant Botanicals is that it’s higher in hemp than any of their other items. Over time, the demand for products that are high in CBD has gone up. When Resonant Botanicals created Painless X, it was the highest amount of hemp in one of their products to date. But the demand for ever-higher potency grew. While the Painless X contained 52.5 mg of CBD per ounce, Royal was formulated to have 125 mg of hemp oil extract per ounce.

Resonant Botanicals is known for using only organic ingredients in their lotions. Their line of products includes topical solutions for joint pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and more. Although Royal includes hemp oil, they do not have hemp-derived ingredients in all their products.

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