Resolution of Manny Halley - David Weise & Associates Lawsuit

The lawsuit between Manny Halley, David Weise, and David Weise & Associates has been amicably resolved. Upon further investigation the parties agree there was no criminal conduct. Manny Halley, David Weise and David Weise & Associates have cleared up the misunderstanding among them and each wishes the others well in their future endeavors.

Manny Halley was represented in the lawsuit by the law firm Browne George Ross. Browne George Ross has offices in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. David Weise & Associates and David Weise were represented in the lawsuit by Thompson, Coe & O’Meara. Thompson, Coe & O’Meara has its office in Los Angeles.

Source: Thompson Coe & O'Meara, L.L.P.

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