Resist the Mainstream Expanding Into 'Self-Improvement'

Resist the Mainstream, a media company for people who have lost trust in the mainstream media, is expanding into producing self-improvement content.

While the current Resist the Mainstream audience is comprised primarily of pro-freedom Americans thirsty for news without an anti-America agenda, by expanding into the self-improvement niche the company is taking steps to fulfill its ultimate vision of being a media company that will revive the spirit of American excellence.

The expansion will begin in Q3 with RTM's founder Rumen Naumovski starting his personal brand where he will post content and produce videos with a focus on self-improvement, business, financial, and fitness advice.

Over time, the goal will be to integrate a variety of disparate media personalities under the RTM umbrella.

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Truth Social, Gab, and Twitter are going to be the main social media platforms where the RTM self-improvement content would be hosted on.

"The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't just want RTM to be a place to get non-mainstream news. I wanted it to be a brand that fully encompasses the spirit of American excellence so that our audience can take away more than just who they should vote for. I want it to change their lives." — Rumen Naumovski

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Source: Resist the Mainstream