Resilio Delivers Enterprise-Grade File Transfer Solution for Businesses With the Launch of Resilio Connect

BitTorrent Spin-Out Focused on Alleviating Enterprise Network Stress

Resilio, a provider of industry leading file transfer, syncing and sharing technologies, today announced the launch of its latest product Resilio Connect; providing enterprise customers with rapid, scalable and reliable file transfer capabilities with a centralized management function.

Resilio Connect is the latest addition to the portfolio and has been designed to provide customers with the ability to power enterprise applications with the same resilient and scalable technology that underpins Sync, but with the centralized management, visibility and control required in an enterprise environment.

Through Resilio Connect customers benefit from new technologies and workflow management capabilities including: WAN acceleration, a centralized management console and headless client operation for remote endpoint file transfers.  As with Sync, every use case is designed to overcome poor network connectivity and limited data center scalability with Connect’s resilient transfer protocol.

“Today’s enterprise needs to share vast amounts of data, but file sizes are growing much faster than the remote network infrastructures designed to deliver them,” said Eric Klinker, CEO of Resilio. “This is causing networks and data centers at the heart of business infrastructures to crumble under the pressure.”

 BitTorrent Spin-Out

Klinker continued: “Resilio Inc. was spun out of BitTorrent Inc., the recognized leader in moving large data over the Internet, to address the infrastructure stress issue. Resilio has hardened BitTorrent technology for use in the modern enterprise and added a centralized management layer to provide the control and visibility businesses need. Under the new corporate structure Resilio will continue to invest in Sync for individual use (both free and Pro) as well as release exciting new features in the coming months.”

 Key features of Resilio Connect include:

  • Reliable File Transfer – Resilio Connect improves client management by providing reliable file transfer over unreliable networks and overcoming the inherent scaling limitations of centralized data centers when delivering data to many endpoints. Built on the same peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol powering Sync, Resilio Connect taps the power of underutilized infrastructure and delivers the fastest speeds, scaling to thousands of nodes, TBs of data and millions of individual files.
  • Scale and Speed – The distributed architecture of Resilio Connect provides substantial benefits over existing centralized tools that have a single point of failure or require clustering for performance. Using its unique Micro Transport Protocol (μTP2), Resilio Connect offers WAN-optimized transfers and can reach speeds of multiple Gbps over WAN or LAN.
  • Centralized Management – On top of this powerful engine is a browser-based management console that offers the visibility and management over all endpoints. IT Admins now have the ability to schedule and automate transfers, review logging and more. Through this easy to use interface, Resilio Connect provides complete control over data delivery.

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Resilio, a provider of industry leading file transfer, syncing and sharing technologies, provides the power and resilience of distributed technology to the modern enterprise. Resilio was spun out of BitTorrent in 2016 and hardened BitTorrent technology for commercial use, adding a centralized management and control capability needed for the modern enterprise. For further information please visit the Resilio website:

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