Resealable Packaging - the Consumers Choice

Resealability or, re-close flexible packs have been in the 'packaging news' a lot recently and have become a major focus for FMCG groups and retailers in response to what they see as growing consumer demand for this type of functionality.

As resealable packs are associated with maintaining the quality and freshness of the product inside as well as allowing for better portion control, it is clear why it has become the consumers choice, therefore encouraging a number of brands and retailers to roll out resealable packaging across a number of their food and drink categories.

Resealability has moved away from some of its traditional roots (bottles and jars) and broken out into entirely new product categories. Here at Rotech we are particularly seeing an increase in the number of enquiries to print onto zip-pack (zip lock) seal pouches.

From a 'coding and marking' view point, traditional requirements to print variable information was relatively simple and within a small print area. However, now we are being increasingly asked what can be done to print large areas.

Manufacturers are looking how to cost effectively produce bags for their lower volume products and are aiming to have a generic 'branded' pouch where as well as printing the traditional variable information they need to print product details including ingredients and nutritional information.

One of our feeders in the RF1 Range fitted with a suitable thermal transfer printer can pick the pouch from a stack, consistently place on an integral conveyor where they can be printed, labelled and inspected prior to being stacked again.

Continuous operation gives high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds. This machine has a horizontal bed and as with all the RF1 range these products are fed stack-to-stack and can be fitted with a wide range of coding, marking and labelling technologies as well as post-print inspection systems.