Required Medical Assistant Candidates for Patient Care Technician at North Shore - LIJ Health System

North Shore - LIJ Health System - healthcare organization in New York, NY. The organization has a huge network of more than 61000 healers and innovators. They are the one committing to change healthcare for better in a different way.

​In North Shore – LIJ Health System provide patient care job opportunities for medical assistant candidates in New York, NY. The candidates must complete minimum 2 year’s experiences in Medical Assistant Patient Care field.

Roles And Responsibilities:

North Shore - LIJ Health System - healthcare organization in New York, NY, Medical Assistant Jobs In New York, NY

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The medical assistant candidates will be trained and they must pursue patient care operations under the direct supervision of Physicians or Nurses in organization.

The candidates will also pursue other duties in an organization such as organizing patient for physician, managing, obtaining and recording the diagnosis results of the patients in diagnosis laboratory and also assist in preparing medical records of the patients (includes preparing, organizing, and filling patient reports).

The candidate should have creative knowledge to implement new patient care plans by coordinating with health care team. The candidates have to create proof of document which includes reason or cause of visit and patient information for practitioner review. The candidates also have to mention the vital signs of the patients, screening procedures and height and weight of the patients in the medical record. The candidate also includes vision, audiometry and head bounds in the medical record. The candidate must find the proper documents from the medical records. The required specimens should be collected and gathered by the candidates to help providers. Appropriate protocols must be used periodically such as infection control.

According to standard procedure, the candidates must complete the labels, requisition, and route specimens in time. Manage and prepare documents daily. Whenever needed, the candidates must calibrate the laboratory equipment’s. When inaccurate controls are noted in an organization, the candidates must inform the RN/MD/Lab supervisor immediately.

Based on the requirement of the provider, the candidate must carry out electrocardio diagrams and phlebotomy.  Stick on to infection control standards (includes: segregating patients with known infectious diseases, hand hygiene, equipment disinfection or sterilization and use of PPE)

The candidate must support physicians and nurses with an individual procedures and examinations such as Lumbar Puncture, and Pelvic Exam etc. The activities are not limited to infection control, patient identification and universal protocols.

The candidates must secure supplies and make sure whether the patients are properly undressed and draped. Whenever necessary, the candidates must provide instruments to the physicians, holding and aiding the patients after examination. The candidates have to maintain the examination rooms, stock assigned rooms, and cupboards more clean and hygienic. Insure whether the par levels of supplies are maintained. Logs and equipment’s such as refrigerator and eyewash logs, sample medications, suction, AED and other required logs have to be checked periodically.

Company Name: North Shore – LIJ Health System

Address: New York, NY

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