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Care From Contraband is a one stop shop which can handle all your fundraising requirements. Its finds answers for all problems, ideas for future development and products. There are products to meet the needs of all the customers and the staff is comm

Needs of promotional products for charities can now easily be met with the store next door in Huddersfield. Care from Contraband which is one of the reputed charity and fundraising suppliers is offering a large variety of items that will be great help to the charity organizations in and around Huddersfield in their bid to raise money for social causes.

Care from Contraband has been offering high quality promotional products for charities to their large customer base for over 27 years now. Based in the busy business district of Huddersfield they have supplies for all types of organizations whether small, medium or big. The local organizations that have used the products of Care from Contraband have heaped praises about their innovative products which are well designed and of the highest quality. Such organizations have had a great success with the use of these products. The products made by Care from Contraband are made keeping in mind the tastes of the local people and they give an extra boost to the charity collections of organization. With their experience in being charity and fundraising suppliers of the locality they have been able to evolve new products from time to time.

To help the budgetary demands of the welfare organizations they also offer discounts on their promotional products for charities. There is a large collection of promotional products for charities available at this store starting from Soft toys, promotional pens to wooden toys and games, animal charity products, etc. Moreover some of the products offered by the charity and fundraising suppliers also come with customization options.

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