Reproductive Technology Startup Inti Labs Sets Sights on Global Infertility Trend

The company offers innovative and accessible diagnostic solutions that improve IVF success rates

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Inti Labs, Inc. (Inti Labs) today announces its official launch and ambitious long-term vision to overcome infertility. The company is focused on developing a range of first-in-class diagnostic tests for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) market. Their tests are aimed at reducing the number of IVF treatment cycles a patient must go through to become pregnant, easing the financial burden on families and increasing the successful turnover at fertility clinics. 

The global fertility rate has steadily declined over the years, as more women delay motherhood. Those who choose to have children later often must rely on assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF. While the technology has seen significant improvement in recent years, most women must still go through multiple IVF treatment cycles to obtain a viable pregnancy. In the U.S., a single IVF treatment cycle can cost over $20,000 and is rarely covered by insurance. 

"IVF is both financially and emotionally burdensome," said Inti Labs CEO Dr. Eric Pok Yang, "but new technologies in reproductive medicine can help more women have successful pregnancies with fewer IVF cycles. Inti Labs is focused on making those technologies accessible to hopeful parents across the globe." 

Ambitious to lead the IVF diagnostics market, Inti Labs has launched its award-winning endometrial status test, MIRA®. Already in use at more than 70 institutions worldwide, with ongoing expansion across Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia, MIRA® uses unique miRNA biomarkers to more accurately identify a woman's window of implantation (WOI), the optimal time for embryo transfer. About 30% of women suffering from infertility have a displaced WOI, which, if not factored in during an IVF treatment cycle, can lead to an unsuccessful attempt. 

Among those joining Inti Labs' team is Dr. Barry Behr, fulfilling the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dr. Behr is a Stanford University Professor Emeritus, where he served as Director of the IVF Laboratory and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. A leading expert in the IVF field, his embryo research has directly led to improved implantation and pregnancy rates. 

"With our cutting-edge technology for improved WOI assessment and gamete selection," said Dr. Behr, "we foresee a not-too-distant future in which a perfect embryo can be reliably achieved in the first IVF cycle. That means one sperm, one egg, and one implantation to deliver a healthy baby." 

Considering MIRA®'s promising early success and other tests nearing the prototype phase, Inti Labs believes IVF will become increasingly reliable and affordable to women everywhere, as we work towards a future where infertility is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. 


Inti Labs will be attending the 2022 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo Oct 24-26 in Anaheim, CA, and invites you to visit their booth (#1433). 

Source: Inti Labs, Inc.

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