Report on Workplace Learning Released by 24x7 Learning Inc.

24x7 Learning Inc. announced the release of a comprehensive report on organizational training. The report titled Workplace Learning - 2015, was released at Training & Development Show ME 2015.

24x7 Learning - a leading online learning solutions company announced the release of a comprehensive report on organizational training. The report titled Workplace Learning – 2015, was released at the Training and Development Show ME 2015 in September this year.  It was put together based on the results of a survey conducted by 24x7 Learning to understand the type of organizational training that employees expect today.

According to 24x7 Learning’s CEO Mandar Satpute, this is an exciting time at the workplace today. For the first time in history, we have four generations of workers under one roof – meaning that organizations must cater to the training needs of not one – but four generations of workers. The survey was carried out to gain insight into the type of training that organizations provide their employees, the training that each of these four generations of employees want, and if there exists a gap between what is being provided and what learners really want – to enable organizations to understand what they need to do to make their organizational training successful. The results were collated and highlighted in this all-inclusive report that is based entirely from the learner’s perspective.

The results that were collated were based on the responses of over 250 respondents, across four generations, 12 countries, 9 industries and 6 job roles.

Some interesting facts highlighted in the report are as follows:

  • 73% of respondents are comfortable with their organization leveraging mobile technology for workplace learning. However, only 33% of respondents have been exposed to mobile learning
  • Over half the respondents believe that conferences and networking events are the best learning-gathering opportunities for learners
  • 64% of employees would prefer to complete their training during work hours rather than during after work hours/weekends – highlighting the growing need for a healthy work-life balance
  • 59% of respondents believe that social learning is the best way to absorb and retain information
  • Only 11% are able to make full use of current training – underscoring the importance to map learners needs better
  • Online learning is gaining momentum

The report is available to download for free at

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