Report on Environmental Business Continuity Concerns in 2022 Published

New report from AVTECH outlines key business continuity areas organizations are concerned about in the coming year

Environmental Business Continuity Concerns In 2022 Report

What environmental concerns that could potentially cause costly downtime are organizations most worried about in 2022? A new no-cost report published by AVTECH provides key statistics and insights that may help organizations in the coming year.

The newly released "Environmental Business Continuity Concerns In 2022" report aims to help organizations identify the primary concerns that could impact their ability to remain up and running in the event of unexpected environmental events and factors that can cause data loss, server crashes, product damage and more.

Key data in the report focuses on responses from 1,800 IT and facilities management professionals that were surveyed via email in late 2021 and early 2022. The report's findings indicate that 85% of organizations are most concerned with high heat impacting their data centers, cold storage facilities, warehouse environments and more.

Additional data collected shows that the average cost of downtime runs anywhere from $5,000 through $50,000 based on the size and industry of the organization. Nearly one-third of all organizations surveyed do not currently have a documented business continuity plan which can help them recover from unexpected downtime, if not prevent it from occurring outright.

"Some of the responses from the survey were eye-opening," said AVTECH President & COO Richard Grundy. "We have seen a real shift in how facilities are staffed over the past few years and protecting against environmental downtime is even more important than before. When your organization is in a hybrid or fully remote model, it is vital to have monitoring in place where you may have had multiple sets of eyes that could help spot potential problems that could lead to downtime. We hope the information in this report empowers organizations to identify areas where they can improve their business continuity, and perhaps even open their eyes to factors they didn't previously consider. Our goal is to help make organizations aware of where they should focus efforts to help prevent costly environment-related downtime."

Organizations that are interesting in learning more about the primary environmental concerns organizations have are welcome to download the "Environmental Business Continuity Concerns In 2022" report directly from the AVTECH website at In addition to the report, organizations can also take advantage of other free resources offered by AVTECH, including a Business Continuity Checklist as well as an interactive Business Continuity Calculator. 


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