Report: Bozeman, Montana Ranks #1 Among the Most Popular US Micropolitan Areas for New Startups, According to Census Data

The most popular Micropolitan Areas for new startups include a diverse range of cities around the country, including Lebanon, NH; Traverse City, MI; and Tupelo, MS, according to new report published by ShivarWeb.

Top 20 Most Popular Micropolitan Areas for New Startups

Bozeman, Montana leads 536 U.S. Micropolitan Areas in new business startups, according to the most recent census data in a report published by ShivarWeb.

The U.S. Census defines a Micropolitan Area as one or more adjacent counties or county-equivalents that have at least one urban core area of at least 10,000 population but less than 50,000, plus adjacent territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration with the core, as measured by commuting ties.

Increased housing costs and congestion in major U.S. metropolitan areas has created an uptick in entrepreneurs reinvesting in America's small cities.

But some small cities are doing much better than others at attracting and growing a base of new startups using local institutions, local assets, remote work technology, and local business communities.

The 20 most popular Micropolitan Areas highlighted in the new report account for more than 15% of all business startups, even though they only represent 3% of all Micropolitan Areas.

Out of 46,383 total new startups across all 536 Micropolitan Areas in one year, 6,330 were in the Top 20 areas alone.

The Rocky Mountain region is the most popular region, with Bozeman, Montana, among others, but other Top 20 Micropolitan Areas include Lebanon, New Hampshire (437 new startups) in the Northeast; Traverse City, Michigan (385 new startups) in the Midwest; and Tupelo, Mississippi (247 new startups) in the Southeast.

Explore the full report for startup highlights of the Top 20 Micropolitan Areas, along with links to the full census data set at

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