Reolink's new video doorbell shows every visitor at the door in 2K images

Reolink releases a smart video doorbell with 2K+/5MP image quality & 180-degree diagonal view.

Reolink releases its first vido doorbell camera

Reolink, a smart home security solution provider, expands its home security camera lineup with the first video doorbell. The new Reolink doorbell camera allows users to see every visitor and everything that happens at the doorstep day and night.

To cater to the needs of homeowners, Reolink offers two doorbell versions, $99.99 Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi and $89.99 Reolink Video Doorbell PoE. Both versions are available in the U.S. and Europe on Reolink's official online store.

Get to know what is happening at the door and porch

As with all smart Reolink cameras, the Reolink video doorbell features accurate person detection. When family, friends, delivery guys, or unwanted visitors approach the door, the doorbell camera will record video footage and allow homeowners to see everything clearly in 2K+ resolution.

Pairing with chimes, real-time alerts will be heard inside the house when someone pushes the doorbell. Meanwhile, users will receive rich notifications with a thumbnail (with the Wi-Fi version only) via the Reolink mobile app. With this feature, residents will know who is coming to their house with only a glance at their smartphones.

The Reolink doorbell camera lets users greet visitors with recorded voice messages and communicate with people through the doorbell, thanks to the embedded two-way audio.

An essential addition to the smart home systems

In addition to 5MP super clear image quality, the Reolink video doorbell offers a 180-degree diagonal view to cover every corner in front of the door. Users may access the camera and check out the wide-angle live feed on Google Assistant-enabled devices via hands-free voice commands.

Apart from integration with Google Assistant, the Reolink video doorbell also works with Reolink NVRs and third-party surveillance for a smooth smart home security experience.

For more info about the Reolink video doorbell camera, visit Reolink security camera online store.

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